Sare Green Parc 2 Crescent ParC Township, Gurgaon


Sare Green Parc 2 GurgaonSare Green Parc 2 Crescent ParC Township, Gurgaon :

Welcome to a spot where each snippet of life is justified regardless of a celebration. A spot where your fantasies start to unfold. Where you rediscover life’s little delights. Where joy is sustained in every alcove and corner. Or more every one of the, a spot you’d be pleased to call your home. Presenting Green ParC. Set amongst 66 sections of land approx. (expandable) of perfect common environs, but advantageously joined with each vital area in Gurgaon, this greetings climb private home offers flats which are assembled around a breadth of 7 sections of land of sprawling parks complete with:

• Theme Gardens

• Jogging Parks

• Water Bodies

• Amphitheater

• Toddler’s Park

One of the biggest club (35,000 sq. ft. approx.).

Size : 1170 sq.ft. – 1550 sq.ft

Type : Residential

Address : Crescent ParC Township, Sector-92, Gurgaon

Location Map :

Sare Green Parc 2 Gurgaon1

Site Map :

Sare Green Parc 2 Gurgaon2