Home n Soul (H & S) – Branded Residences & Celebrity Addresses

homensoul Home n Soul (H & S)   Branded Residences & Celebrity Addresses

Home n Soul (H & S) – Branded Residences & Celebrity Addresses :

H&S (erstwhile Vertical Limits) is a real estate development organization founded in 2008, rechristened as Home & Soul in 2014. Under the leadership of our Chairperson, Sakshi Katiyal, the brand boasts of a topnotch team of professionals that has come together to create ‘a world of progressive blue’ under the H&S umbrella. At Home & Soul, we are passionate towards creation of aspirational yet functional homes; contemporary yet soulful. The organization aims at providing homes that will be rewarding assets for the new age Indian who is striving for international quality of life.

The company is engaged in managing & developing residential and commercial landmarks such as:

Celebrity Address, Now announcing the arrival of The Diamond next to F1 Track, at Jaypee Sports City – Yamuna Expressway.

Beetle Lap, a well-appointed residential group housing project just off the Yamuna Expressway. The development offers residential apartments in various configurations along with facilities and amenities that exceed expectations.

Home & Soul is surging ahead to achieve its vision of value creation through excellence in delivery. The emphasis on world class architecture showcases a modern lifestyle that is driven by client expectation and intent of realizing their dreams.


Branded Residensed HS 1024x512 Home n Soul (H & S)   Branded Residences & Celebrity Addresses

Metro to Yamuna Expressway City Approved

Yamuna  Expressway  Industrial  Development  Authority  has approved  the Metro Rail project from Noida to the proposed Metro station at Pari Chowk up to Sector 18 and 20 of Yamuna Expressway city. These are first residential sectors of the authority being developed where over 21000 allotments have been done.  The decision was taken during the board meeting of Noida and Greater Noida authorities on Friday. The construction may start within six weeks.

Noida CEO Sanjiv Saran and Greater Noida CEO Rama Raman told media after the meeting of the two Boards that the total length of the Metro project is 29.70 kilometres. It will be run on 1433 gauge and will have 22 stations. Around six kilometre route will be in Greater Noida city area and the rest in Yamuna Expressway City area. The areas to be covered under the project are Sectors 32, 51, 83, 101, 143, 147, Knowledge Park II, Pari Chowk, Sector Alpha, Delta and Knowledge Park IV. The Metro rail would start from Botanical Garden Metro station.

Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority board has approved the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and MoU of proposed Metro Rail project connecting Noida and Greater Noida. The Board has approved Rs.300 crores for metro project to be spent in 2014-15. Tenders will be floated after the State Government clears the proposal. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will carry out the project work while the cost will be borne by the twin authorities.

Further, Noida Authority has also decided to extend the existing Metro link in Noida city to Sector 62. Noida Authority CEO Sanjeev Saran said that they will extend the Metro line upto six kilometres from Noida City Centre to Sector 62. The CEO said that Noida Authority is in the process of augmenting the existing bus fleet of City Bus Service and for this authority would add 170 buses in its fold. For this Noida Authority would provide Rs 40.5 crore to the State Transport Department.  Out of 170 buses, 48 buses will be in the semi low-floor category while feeder buses will be made available at all Metro Stations of Noida city.

Non Profit Organisation in Noida Delhi NCR-IC Charitable Trust

shubh aarambh1 Non Profit Organisation in Noida Delhi NCR IC Charitable Trust

Non Profit Organisation in Noida Delhi NCR-IC Charitable Trust : 

Shubh Aarambh – Delivering Charity with Purpose

Investors Clinic’s Shubh Aarambh is an effort to create a unique proposition where charity is delivered along with a purpose that is well aligned with creating better values for the society.

As more and more people are getting involved in high end lifestyles, there is a difficult situation as far as lower strata of society is concerned, and Investors Clinic’s Shubh Aarambh is an effort to create a purposeful beginning in the lives of people with meaningful charity that is delivered in the right corners of the society.

The primary objective of charity is that it should encourage more and more people to donate their time and money towards creating meaningful openings in life.

To help in the cause of charities people can choose to donate so much a month to them, or dedicate a set period of time to them and help them achieve something. This time could be used to help a charity paint a mural or build somewhere for youths to play, should the charity support this in its causes.

As part of Shubh Aarambh, Investors Clinic has created various charity driven platforms of giving back to the society.
Pranaam is an effort to Help The Intellectually And Differently Abled People.
Shiksha is a drive to Improve Education And Hygiene in Society.
Swabhimaan is an effort to Help Elder People.
Prayaas is a way of Shhubh Aarambh to Create Better Disaster Management .
Fulfill A Wish (Genie) is another initiative by Shubh Aarambh that is set to deliver basic needs for the poor.
Shakti is another initiative by Shubh Aarambh that is directed towards Women Empowerment.
Basera is an initiative which is directed towards delivering Shelter Homes for the poor.
Ahsaas is an effort to make available medicines and medical care for the needy.

Investors Clinic Charitable Foundation in Delhi NCR-IC Shubh Aarambh

shubh aarambh Investors Clinic Charitable Foundation in Delhi NCR IC Shubh Aarambh

Investors Clinic Charitable Foundation in Delhi NCR-IC Shubh Aarambh : 

As India is a vast country with different cultures and huge population, it becomes very difficult for local governments to create something for everybody and hence, the concept of charity holds special significance in today’s scenario of fast paced lives.

This holds special importance for a place like Delhi and the whole of National Capital Region. As it is by way of charities that a large number of people can be addressed and their needs can be met. Today, the world over, charities are primarily responsible for most of the aid work happens on the ground.

Today there are many options and ways for people to support charity and create a big difference in society. If you are considering supporting charity work, people can consider sponsoring a child, donating clothes, distributing food or quilts in the winter season. All these small gestures go a long way in terms of reverberating fabric of society in a better manner.

So, when someone sponsors a child, this is a great way to express your love for the society and additionally you give them the opportunity to access a number of lifesaving basics such as basic amenities, healthcare facilities, nutritious food, clean water, education and most importantly help them towards building their career on a long term basis.

As technology is coming into play almost everywhere, and hence, one of the most effective ways of making your charitable contributions is to donate online and in Delhi there are many such organizations which take donations online where you can simply log in and donate generously enough.

And yes, more importantly, when an individual gives support to a child through charity, this kind of help moves the society towards a new dimension of equality and where there are equal opportunities for everyone. And hence, in today’s scenario it is increasingly becoming important for everyone to start making their contribution towards betterment of the society.

4 Important Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fast Lane

Sell Your Home Fast Tips on Selling and Buying a New Home 300x225 4 Important Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fast LaneAt a time when there is a decline in real estate market where supply is more than the actual demand generation, a customer can generally sell a house faster by lowering the price. However, we are presenting some of the big tips to increase your home valuation and sell it in the fast lane.

Listen to the market

This is the first and basic rule, as a seller you have to continuously listen to the ground realities of the market where your real estate is located. It always helps, if you develop this habit for creating uniqueness in your real estate. You can also consider custom designs or additions, such as landscaping, high-grade windows or a new roof as all this will add huge value to your home and place it well in the eyes of the buyer.

Better Housekeeping

As you place your home on the market, it becomes very important for the place to be tidy and clean. Hence it is imperative to remove all the unnecessary belongings from the home before showing it to potential buyers because buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your real estate and visualize how it will help them create value for themselves.

Hence a lot of real estate experts actually recommend that you must remove some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and also do away with your family pictures on the walls etc.

Create Better Value

Additionally, another way to make your real estate deal more attractive to buyers is to offer things or terms that might create bigger value for them. For example, sellers can offer the buyer some time to pay the overall cost of the real estate and not ask for the total money upfront. This way, people can actually find it easy to pay for the whole real estate in a better manner. Hence it is always good to create better value than reduce the price points of your real estate.

The Right Pricing

And in the end it is the most important factor that decides on the chances of you selling your house fast and quick. Fixing the right price point is very important as it creates the big chance for you to be able to place your real estate in the right corners and that too in a short span of time.

This is where real estate experts suggest that as a real estate seller you must consult a good real estate agent such as Investors Clinic to clearly understand what comparable homes are going for in your area and place your home price in that range only.

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Jaypee Pavilion Court Noida

pavilion jayee court Jaypee Pavilion Court Noida

Jaypee Pavilion Court Noida :

Welcome to the world of modern living, a world of living in style which has your own embedded stamp of quality living. The Pavilion court at Noida is strategically located and offers serene view of Nature and Golf.

These are fully-finished, modern, hi-efficiency apartments. Thoughtfully designed, these Jaypee apartments size ranges from 1 BHK Studio Apartment with Study to 3 BHK Family Apartment with Study, thereby offering a wide range of units to choose from.

The interiors follow the modern trend of open and continuous spaces, natural lighting with more windows- making the apartments look larger and spacious. Offer of possession has already started for selected towers 1, 4, 14 & 18 and more will follow soon.

Therefore, dream of residents to stay in is now getting fulfilled. As a privileged resident of these apartments, one can enjoy the unsurpassed amenities of Wish Town Noida such as 18 + 9 hole Graham Cooke designed signature golf facility, health facilities, recreational facilities, Town Centre with facilities like restaurants & cafes, high-street retails, a wide range of Educational facilities from kinder crib to pre-university levels and access to the International standard Medical Centre within the township.

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