Gurgaon Master Planning Requires Due Attention of the Government

In the last 10 years, Mumbai and Gurgaon have been reported as the two highest contributors to the commercial real estate market of India. Recently after the withdrawal of the Mumbai Master Plan 2034, the planning of these two urban clusters has also been brought to attention. The former was withdrawn due to the lack of credibility and authenticity of the master plan data. Some really important planning issues had been overlooked in the Mumbai Master Plan.

If a flawed master plan is passed, it is the city and its dwellers who will have to pay in the long run. The municipal government has always given the least attention to the planning part. The high authorities and the bodies directly involved with the land interventions enjoyed a better part of the governance. These bodies include influential personalities like bureaucrats, developers associations and politicians. [Read more...]

Investment in Commercial Property Real Estate in Delhi NCR

Investment in commercial property real estate in Delhi NCR :

Noida Shining Bright on Opportunities in Commercial Space

Are you planning to expand your business ? Noida is today opening up new opportunities in commercial real estate that can ideally provide you with the much needed boost to the commercial space that you are looking for.
The good news for commercial real estate segment is that the commercial segment in real estate is upbeat and demand for commercial office space on rent or on sale is really picking up today. And with its close proximity to the Delhi region, Noida is poised to create its own mark in the commercial real estate map of this region.
With a solid demand for commercial property segment, Noida, is undoubtedly, one of the most developed commercial hubs of India. As a matter of fact, the increasing number of commercial offices and spacious mall complexes has given a facelift to residential space in Noida as well.
Most importantly for the commercial segment, an increased presence of a multitude of IT companies in Noida adds to the value of commercial space in the region. Major office spaces in Noida are situated around the Sector 18, which is also the most happening location in the city.

Noida is also known for its commercial buoyancy. Besides the industrial use, there is as much as 20 per cent of the total available space, which is used as commercial, and the development is overwhelming.

And yes, the best factor about the commercial office space in Noida is the fact that it is fairly evenly spread across various sectors and not clustered in one particular area. Sector 1 to 6, 10, 16, 16A (Film City) 18, 51, 52 and 57 to 62 are the sectors that boast of trendy market spaces, larger-than-life malls and office space while a lot of commercial avenues have also come up in sector 21, 28, 29, and 37. All this is giving a big boost to the commercial space creation in Noida.


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Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

Supertech Eco Citi 150x150 Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, NoidaSupertech Eco Citi, Sector-137, Noida. Supertech has launched its new project “Supertech Eco Citi”. Supertech Eco Citi is India’s first Gold Standard approved Project, situated in Sector-137, Noida. Eco Citi is the first eco-centric development project, it consists of 82% landscape area, 2 central parks of 3 acres & 2 acres each within the complex, swimming pool, health club, badminton court, tennis court & amphitheatre. CDM-Gold Standard Foundation of Switzerland has approved this project. Supertech Eco Citi in Noida is the first ever project which has natural ventilation system, which can be used by renewable energy via solar panels and other recycled objects.

USP of the project :

Committed to eco-centrism, Ecociti is about living the way nature wants you to. Creation of a micro-climate of a moderated environment. Use of anaerobic digestor for reduction of methane gas. Communication & Security System. Garbage Shoot. Current payment

Location Map:

17311393661011 lmecocitibig Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

Site Map:

41571393660987 specocitibig Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

Floor Plan:

96131380275140 890 Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

55351380275497 1082sq Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

29861380275505 1295sq Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

61141380275584 1595sq Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

70601373364540 1750 3bhk Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

24821373364676 2275 4bhk  Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida

For more info: Supertech Eco Citi

Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

Supertech Capetown 150x150 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, NoidaSupertech introduces quality into every aspect of the Company ranging from Process, Human Resource, Technology and Services to create an all-encompassing quality culture. With quality consciousness and quest for continuous up-gradation for ultra modern life-style and luxurious living standard, a world-class leisure and residential community is spread out over approx 50 sprawling acres. Capetown has been envisioned as a complete, self-contained campus area built around the best of facilities where every home is designed to the most demanding standards – Well planned (2,3,4 bedroom) apartment towers spread over a green area, Cape town from Supertech is one of the best housing developments in the city. Capetown will comprise of upscale, well appointed apartments with modern conveniences such as a clubhouse, jogging track, swimming pool and more.

USP of the project :


Location Map:

79881367823889 locationmap Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

Site Map:

67351367823879 sitemap Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

Floor Floor

43111368860377 930 2bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

27181368860415 1082sq 2bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

78451368860442 1150 2bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

4891368860464 1295 3bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

8511368860482 1505 3bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

33621368860511 1625 3bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

34461368860557 1945 3bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

90571368861717 2385 4bhk 900x600 Supertech Capetown Sector 74, Noida

For more info: Supertech Captown Sector 74, Noida

Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, Noida

Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale 300x254 Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, NoidaPavilion Court Royale elevates you into a realm beyond mere luxury. With 78 luxurious golf facing residences and every unit gives breath taking views of the magnificent Graham Cooke Signet Course, the Pavilion Court Royale is a lifestyle of royalty. The G+12 tower stands out with distinctive exterior finishing. Be a part of already thriving Pavillion community. Come, live the Royale Life.




Location Map:

Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Location Map Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, Noida


Floor Plan:

Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Floor 2 Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, Noida


Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Floor 1 Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, Noida


For More Info: Jaypee Pavilion Court Royale Sector 128, Noida

Metro to Yamuna Expressway City Approved

Yamuna  Expressway  Industrial  Development  Authority  has approved  the Metro Rail project from Noida to the proposed Metro station at Pari Chowk up to Sector 18 and 20 of Yamuna Expressway city. These are first residential sectors of the authority being developed where over 21000 allotments have been done.  The decision was taken during the board meeting of Noida and Greater Noida authorities on Friday. The construction may start within six weeks.

Noida CEO Sanjiv Saran and Greater Noida CEO Rama Raman told media after the meeting of the two Boards that the total length of the Metro project is 29.70 kilometres. It will be run on 1433 gauge and will have 22 stations. Around six kilometre route will be in Greater Noida city area and the rest in Yamuna Expressway City area. The areas to be covered under the project are Sectors 32, 51, 83, 101, 143, 147, Knowledge Park II, Pari Chowk, Sector Alpha, Delta and Knowledge Park IV. The Metro rail would start from Botanical Garden Metro station.

Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority board has approved the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and MoU of proposed Metro Rail project connecting Noida and Greater Noida. The Board has approved Rs.300 crores for metro project to be spent in 2014-15. Tenders will be floated after the State Government clears the proposal. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will carry out the project work while the cost will be borne by the twin authorities.

Further, Noida Authority has also decided to extend the existing Metro link in Noida city to Sector 62. Noida Authority CEO Sanjeev Saran said that they will extend the Metro line upto six kilometres from Noida City Centre to Sector 62. The CEO said that Noida Authority is in the process of augmenting the existing bus fleet of City Bus Service and for this authority would add 170 buses in its fold. For this Noida Authority would provide Rs 40.5 crore to the State Transport Department.  Out of 170 buses, 48 buses will be in the semi low-floor category while feeder buses will be made available at all Metro Stations of Noida city.